Student Testimonials

Read below to see what current and former students have to say about their experiences at Dancing Made Easy:


"Over the years, my wife would now and then mention dance lessons. I successfully resisted for decades. 7 years ago, in a moment of weakness, I agreed to give it a try at Dancing Made Easy. I was certain that she would give up on me after a few lessons as I knew that I'd never be able to learn to dance. Well, 7 years later I'm no Fred Astaire, but I can dance well enough that the Friday night dances at Dancing Made Easy are a true pleasure. Now we dance almost everywhere we go--we quickstepped to a jazz band in Tokyo's Ueno Park; triple time swing to a guitar/keyboard duo on a Lake Ontario tour boat; rhumba and West Coast Swing at a Captain Dan's Band park concert in Savannah; and slow dance along the Seine River."

Bill from Westminster


“Dancing Made Easy created a very positive introduction to ballroom dancing for me. As a single woman, I was afraid that I would be the odd person out. Lynne and Dave made sure to arrange for a practice dance partner during each class. Having this support made a huge difference in my experience and created confidence that invited participation in the weekly social dances. These social dances proved to be fun learning in a warm and accepting atmosphere. Since that time, I have attended classes and danced at other studios but none as warm and friendly as Dancing Made Easy."

Patricia W. from Owings Mills


“Oh, the fun we've had!  We've enjoyed many dancing hours and have made life-long friends through our group lessons.

Last summer, we won a dance contest at an RV rally- very informal, dancing at the back of a barn in our shorts and tee shirts. The theme was Hawai'ian and the grand prize (are you ready for this?) was . . . a can of Spam!  You just never know what surprises dance lessons can bring.

We can not thank you enough for the time you spent with us and the joy that dancing continues to bring us."

Diane and Alan P. from Westminster


"Obviously getting ready for your wedding is a special time in anyone's life. But so many of my favorite memories actually came from the time I spent with my dad at Dancing Made Easy getting ready for our father-daughter dance. Neither of us had any experience with ballroom dance, and we were both more than a little nervous. Our time at Dancing Made Easy not only got us comfortable on the floor (foxtrot, anyone?), it also gave us time, just the two of us, to visit and laugh together in the days leading up to the wedding itself. Our instructor was patient, generous, and so FUN--she made us feel like pros in no time. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything! (Oh--and the prices can't be beat! Believe me, as a bride on a budget, I looked!!!)"

Maureen H. from Sykesville


"My wife had asked me to take dance lessons with her for years. I had always put it off. My excuses were we didn't have time, we didn't have the money, or ballroom dancing is for stuffy people. Finally I gave in. I surprised her with a set of lessons for her birthday (not allowed to say which!) We took the Social Success Class and much to my surprise I was hooked! The instructors were excellent. We have progressed through the different steps. We still have a lot more to learn but we don't sit still at weddings anymore and watch the others. Our only regret is that we didn't start sooner. But you are never too old to learn to dance. We have been taking lessons for almost three years now and plan to keep dancing till the legs won't foxtrot anymore!"

Jeff and Jane H. from Finksburg


“I took group classes and private lessons in ballroom dance from other studios and instructors before coming to Dancing Made Easy (DME).  Once I started lessons at DME, I learned how to really dance and dance well.  DME instructors are trained to teach and break down steps in such a way that ANYONE can learn.”

Anonymous from Frederick


"Beginning dance classes at Dancing Made Easy has given me a new outlet for creativity and fun. The staff are warm and friendly and the instruction is individualized, even in the group classes."

Megan S. from Finksburg


"Dancing Made Easy is a great place to learn to dance in a friendly atmosphere, whether you just want to learn a few figures in group lessons, or improve your technique in private lessons. It's been an important part of my life for over 15 years!"

Janine W. from Eldersburg


"Dancing is a great social and physical activity that helps keeps one engaged and active. I enjoy the friends that I have made over the years and have found a great community of people involved in an active and stimulated pastime. Dancing engages the mind and body promoting fun and relaxation. I look forward each week to attending various dance venues."

Richard C. from Glenville, PA


"Dancing Made Easy was a great choice for me from when I taught basic ballroom in Florida, I wanted to continue dancing, and found this studio, I met Dave Hansel, had a wonderful lesson and knew that I could go father with my dancing ability. Three or so years later when I married my husband I wanted to make him my dance partner, thankfully he was willing and we started to take lessons with Dave for our 'date' night. Since then my husband and I have grown into a dance pair always having something to perfect and new things to learn. There is something for everyone no matter the level. This is a great place, with great people."

Saraellen S. from New Windsor


"Dancing is such a fun way to exercise and socialize. I arrive tired, I leave wired. Dance classes help my focus and concentration. Dancing helps you 'embody' your sense of self in a delightful way."

Terry W. from Owings Mills


"We had a great time taking lessons from Lynne and learned a great deal."

Elizabeth M. from Westminster


"I started ballroom dancing a result of a long held dream of being a dancer. I had little idea of what I was getting into, especially as I also had no idea of what a “beat” was, not having spent time with music of any sort. Being saddled with two rather large left feet didn’t help much either. But not to worry! The teachers and community at DME made me welcome, and with great patience and perseverance they have coached me through many classes and lessons, until dance has become a central part of my life. I cannot say enough about how much fun, how interesting, how challenging, and how rewarding dancing is. And I really rather doubt I could have found a better studio to learn in. Many thanks and huge appreciation for DME!"

Ron O. from Owings Mills


"Dancing Made Easy has given us the confidence and skills to glide across the dance floor with ease, all the while laughing and having fun. We've made new friends and enjoy the social aspects of dancing as a couple and with others. We highly recommend Dancing Made Easy and will continue to dance for many years to come."

Phil and Mary S. from Hampstead

"You 'shake it but don't break it' when you are dancing! You are in good company, among friendly people, at Dancing Made Easy! Grownups get to laugh and play in dance classes."

Anonymous from Owings Mills