Private Lessons


Private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace.

The individual attention means more rapid progress and a thorough understanding of dancing.


You decide which dances to learn.


Choose several or concentrate on just one.

Private lessons are 55 minutes and are scheduled by appointment.


A single person or up to 4 people may share a private lesson.




Private lessons may be purchased one at a time or in sets.


1-2 People:

$79 per hour
365 - 5 hours ($73 per hour)

$700 - 10 hours ($70 per hour)


3-4 People:

$98 per hour

$460 - 5 hours ($92 per hour)

$880 - 10 hours ($88 per hour)



Private Group Lessons


Gather a group of 5 or more people and share a private group lesson.


You’ll have fun learning with your friends and enjoy the convenience of scheduling your lesson by appointment.


Private group lessons are purchased one at a time and are 55 minutes long.


$19 per hour per person